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Laura Lee Adviser Laura Lee is the former Council Member and Mayor of the City of Cerritos. She is also very successful in real estate and property management businesses. She is passionate about Chinese language education and cultural exchanges. And she personally supported and involved in many such programs in various capacities.
Shanchi Sun Principal of Global Chinese School Shanchi Sun is a co-founder of GCEF, and is the General Manager GCEF. He is also the Principal of the Global Chinese Language School. He has devoted to Chinese language education in Southern California for over 30 years. He was the 2014-2015 President of the Southern California Council of Chinese Schools, an organization of 150 Chinese language schools. He has a technical background and is successful in several business areas.
Global Culture Education Foundation (GCEF) is a non-profit organization that was funded in 2010. We provide opportunities for students to take a modern and invigorating world view by exploring a different language and culture. It is our goal to prepare students for college and career readiness. We expect students to be productive and be global leaders. Our goal: • Foster our students’ talents to fulfill their academic and personal potential. • Help students explore the traditions of different cultures and be well prepared for a global environment. • Empower students to communicate fluently and confidently in other languages and cultures. • Prepare students for the future by giving them the foundation and attitude to thrive in a changing world.
高博文教基金是一个非营利组织,成立于2010年。 我 们提供机会让学生通过探索不同的语言和文化,培养其现代化和 创新的世界观。 我们的目标也是为学生进入大学和将来就业做准 备。 我们期望学生将来条件出人头地,成为佼佼的全球领导者。 我们的目标: •培育学生的才华,发挥他们的学术和个人潜能。 •帮助学生探索不同文化的传统,并为未来全球化做好准备。 •加强学生在不同语言和文化中的沟通能力与自信心。 •为学生在面对日新月异的世界挑战时予先扎好根基和培养积极 态度,为未来做好准备。
Laura Lee(李銮复青)是Cerritos市的前议员 和前市长。 她也是一位成功的房地产经纪以及物业管理商 界人士, 她非常热衷于当地的华语教育和文化 交流事宜。 她总是竭尽所能的亲自参与各项助益学子的教 育计画。
孙相治是GCEF的创办者之一,现为高博中文 学校校长。 他献身于南加州华文教育三十余载,也曾任 2014至2015南加州中文学校联合会会长,该组 织有一百五十多所中文会员学校。 孙先生虽然主修科技,但他在许多不同领域都 有非凡的成就与表现